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Bucked up KETO Protein- Chocolate Vanilla
Bucked up KETO Protein- Chocolate Vanilla

Bucked up KETO Protein- Chocolate Vanilla

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A healthy fats complex helps you enhance ketogenic benefits. C8 MCT oil for fast digesting energy and focus. Coconut oil for satiation. Combined to increase endogenous ketones production, encouraging your body’s ability to use fat for fuel.

Accelerate Muscle Recovery

Everybody needs protein to recover between workouts, and for muscle repair and to rejuvenate the muscle formation. Too much protein can kick you out of ketosis though which is something you would never want. KETO PROTEIN is formulated with a specialized amount of whey protein, giving you the best of both worlds and letting you workout to your complete potential.

Completely clean, KETO PROTEIN has zero sugars, no artificial sweeteners or junk. This protein has been specifically formulated to give you the perfect keto-friendly macronutrient profile. 

  • 68% Fat: 22 grams per serving -- MCT Oil for instant energy, focus, and deepened ketosis
  • 25% Protein: 17 grams of all natural, hormone free whey protein.
  • 7% Carbs: 7 grams of carbs (2g net carbs), with ZERO added sugars

Smooth & Delicious

 Bucked Up KETO PROTEIN tastes delicious and manages to be creamy. Using clean ingredients and a precise enzyme blend, KETO PROTEIN has no chalky aftertaste or doesn’t taste bitter at all. Since it's so smooth, this leaves you with no bloated stomach after consuming it.


  • Take one serving post-workout.
  • For a delicious meal-replacement, take one serving anytime.