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BLACK WOKE AF Pre-Workout High Stimulant for heavy workout

BLACK WOKE AF Pre-Workout High Stimulant for heavy workout

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BlACK WOKE AF Pre-Work High Stimulant is the most sought after pre workout supplement that guarantees you a solid intensive workout to follow up with. Blended with the right powerhouse ingredients, BLACK WOKE AF is a high stimulant pre workout supplement aimed to improve your core strength and provide you the hyper energy required to go hard at the gym. The exclusive powerhouse formula makes this BLACK WOKE AF Pre workout supplement last much longer than regular pre-workout supplements.

 We’ve taken our HIGH STIM Pre-Workout formula up a notch! When it comes to detoxification and nutrient absorption, Humic and Fulvic acid are the powerhouse combo. Combined, they help detoxify our system without stripping all the vital nutrients and minerals -- like daily activated charcoal usage does-- while also helping dissolve anything we intake to make it more readily available in the system.

BONUS: It actually turns Black!


  •  30 servings per container
  •  Authentic health supplement
  •   Comes in Strawberry, lime and pineapple fusion


Just before you start your high intensity workout:

  •  Take 1 scoop of the Black Woke Af pre workout supplement.
  •  Mix it with 5 to 6 ounces of your favorite drink
  •  Now shake it very well and consume